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My oldest son started Kindergarten this year and I was so excited because it was high time for his brain to be challenged beyond any enlightenment I could offer. Now I know every parent is biased, but I just know he is destined for great things, so I was eager to get this show on the road!

One morning at drop off, I commented on how cute one of his classmates looked in a bow tie and how another sure looked dressed up for school and then it hit me… it was picture day! I completely forgot, and I even had it written in my phone’s calendar! I was berating myself, wondering how I could forget such an important day that documented his first year in school! He was wearing an Avengers t-shirt and his bedhead was particularly sassy that morning, so I needed some damage control STAT. Long story short, I ran to the nearest Target and purchased a collared shirt that ended up being a size too large and interrupted some learning time (gasp!) to pull him out of class for a wardrobe change. Thanks to a fellow mom who adjusted his shirt and hair just prior to picture time, the picture didn’t turn out half bad, despite the toothy, fake smile that every 5-year-old manages to put on in full display - you know the one I’m talking about!

Somehow, I’ve gone through schooling and even through much of the days in my previous life at my office job remembering dates and important events in my head. Then I had kids and realized that “Mom Brain” is a real thing! I knew I had to adopt a strategy that was going to help me get through all the details of my day, from appointments, to volunteering to the all-important Mom’s Night Outs! I read an article that outlined the benefits of writing things down that changed my perspective on organizing. Who knew that by physically writing with pen and paper, one could prioritize, clear their mind, obtain mental stability and most importantly clarify goals? Once you set your goals, write them down because according to Richard Branson, “if you have a record of it, you’re more likely to make it happen.” And look at where that got him!

One thing’s for sure, since I began writing everything down on my whiteboard calendar, I haven’t missed another important life event, even the smaller ones (first date anniversary, anyone?). I have the calendar strategically placed on the wall next to our interior garage door so I can glance at it while preparing meals or getting water or snacks or even while doing the dishes. It’s also the last place I look while frantically running out the door with multiple bags, sippies and kids in tow.

When my husband and I were brainstorming usage scenarios for the Prologue whiteboard calendar, we decided to provide a large assortment of marker colors to color coordinate events per family member or even use different colors to organize events by type. We knew we needed to provide a large pen holder that could be placed near the calendar, eliminating the need to search for pens when events are added on the fly. We thoughtfully added cute and colorful magnetic push pins to easily reference coupons or keep tickets and other notes together. Perhaps the biggest game changer was developing a removable whiteboard calendar that can adhere to almost any clean, smooth surface, relieving the refrigerator of yet another magnetic mass of clutter. Where do the benefits end?! They don’t – and I will never again miss another occasion!

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Busy Mom

Busy Mom

Sharon is a busy mom of two boys who are often mistaken for twins, and for good reason! They are 18 months apart and regularly run circles around her. In her previous life, she was an account manager at a marketing agency. Now when she's not wearing her mom hat, she's a wife, chauffeur, housekeeper, event planner, referee, psychologist, workout buff, negotiator, cheerleader, personal shopper and chef. 

Prologue multi-surface dry erase calendar vs Sharpie
Prologue multi-surface dry erase calendar vs Sharpie

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